City Centre Atlantic Periodontics CCA Perio

Board Certified Specialist in Periodontics
Certified Pinhole Clinician

Suite 209, 1535 Dresden Row
Halifax, NS B3J 3T1
Fax: 902- 446-GUMS (4867)

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Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a health questionnaire and to setup your account. Alternatively, you can fill out the online health questionnaire on this website and send it electronically. Early arrival is appreciated – this will allow you time to find parking, to find our office and, if necessary, go to the washroom, etc.

Please bring with you any information that we will need regarding your dental insurance. If you have two carriers, please bring information for both.

Please bring your health card.


CCA Periodontics is located in the City Centre Atlantic which is off Spring Garden Road in Halifax. From the road, it is easier to recognize the signs for Pete’s Frootique and Cora’s Restaurant.


There is ample parking underground at the City Centre Atlantic. The entrance to the parking garage is off Birmingham Street. This is a CASH ONLY parking garage. There is a bank machine in the main building foyer.

If Arriving by Foot

The best way to find CCA Periodontics is to enter the building via the Dresden Row Entrance (by Cora’s Restaurant) or the Artillery Road Entrance. These entrances will take you to the main foyer. You can take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor. Look for the big white tooth! If you enter the entrance near Pete’s Frootique, take the elevator and then follow the hallway until you find us on the second floor. It is more difficult to find us this way – but you will find us:)

If you take the elevator, press “O” for “Office Level” – that will take you to the second floor where we are located.

The Appointment

Dr. Matheson will examine your gum tissues and may require radiographs. We try to, whenever possible, to use the x-rays that your dentist sends us, but we sometimes require different radiographs. Since periodontitis is a disease of the gum and bone, we need to examine the bones that support your teeth in greater detail than what would normally be done in your dental office. Most times, we do require additional radiographs during your first appointment.


Depending on what is carried out (limited exam, comprehensive exam, x-rays, etc) the fees vary. If you are dealing with your dental insurance carrier, you must know that they typically do not cover the full cost of this visit. You are responsible for the balance owing. For more information on fees, please refer to the section on fees.

If You Cannot Make It

Please try to give us 48 hours notice as this allows us a chance to offer this time to someone else.